HVAC Maintenance in Houston, tx

Return Your Comfort System to "Factory Fresh" Conditions with the Incredible Energy Saver Plan.

When you invest in the Incredible Energy Saver Plan, we will provide you with two service calls: an air conditioning precision tune-up and a combustion adjustment, professional cleaning, and safety inspection. Plus:

  • We extend the warranty on all repairs to 24 months for Incredible Energy Saver Plan owners.
  • We waive our diagnostic fee on all repairs, a $79.00 value.
  • We provide you with priority service so that you move to the front of the line.
  • We offer guaranteed prices on all repairs before work begins, no matter how long the repair takes.

hvac maintenance in houston

Benefits of Rejoice Air, Inc. HVAC Maintenance in Houston, TX

  • Precision Tune-up for Air Conditioning
  • Combustion Adjustment, Professional Cleaning, & Safety Inspection
  • FREE Extended Repair Warranty
  • FREE $79.00 Diagnostic Fee
  • FREE Priority Service
  • Repair Price Protection
  • 15% Repair Discount

0% Financing available

0% Financing Available. Money should not prevent you from living comfortably in your own home or office. We have an excellent financing package to help you acquire your next HVAC system at an affordable rate.