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Premium 90 Series

Premium 90 SeriesA new benchmark for the industry!

The 90 Series Blue Touchscreen thermostat is the most recent addition to the Premium 90 Series family.
Both the Premium 90 Series and the Blue 90 Series Touchscreen thermostat incorporate the latest technologies that target improving comfort, convenience and efficiency in your home.

Whether you avoid technology or embrace it, you will admire these sophisticated appliances. The 90 Series Blue Touchscreen has the capability to be either programmable or non-programmed depending on your needs.

Those that don't like setting the clock on their microwave, DVD, or VCR will rejoice at the “set and forget” design of the 90 Series. Many users never touch their thermostat after installation except to engage the daylight savings time mode by simply pressing one button. The 90 Series thermostat can automatically switch between heating and cooling to maintain your desired home temperature regardless of daily outside temperature swings which require heat in the morning and cooling in the afternoon.
Premium 90 SeriesAdvanced users will be impressed by the 90 Series' flexibility and features. Complete customization will be at your finger tips. A Menu-Driven Display walks you through set-up using “real English” for unrivaled ease of use, and Individual Daily Programming maximizes the comfort and energy efficiency of the most demanding family schedule. The 90 Series also automatically ensures the temperature is where you want it when you want it with our Energy Management Recovery feature—no more guessing. And, as you would expect, it has the largest and best lit display we offer. Plus, many other unique features only available on the Premium 90 Series.

Comfort Features Convenience Features Efficiency Features
  • Easy to Follow, Menu-Driven Set-up
  • 5+1+1 or 7 Day Programming
  • Built-in Diagnostics
  • Daylight Savings Time Adjustment
  • Keypad Security
  • Programmable Vacation Override
  • Furnace Filter Change Reminder
  • Large Lighted Display
  • Retains Programs during Power Outages or Battery Failure Settings
  • Auto Heat/Cool Changeover
  • Digital-Signal Remote Sensor
  • Soft-Touch Buttons
  • Temporary Temperature Override
  • Programmable Fan
  • Energy Management Recovery
  • Cooling Efficiency Optimizer